Fun Ideas Reveal Love

Have you ever felt quite embarrassed to express your love to your spouse or the person you love? It is very reasonable, especially if you feel it's very sincere and you are not used to saying love or sweet things to people you love.

But there are many ways to represent your feelings, be with gifts, surprises or greeting card love. Why not combine all three. Because Valentine's Day will soon arrive, take advantage of this opportunity to express how much gratitude to have him.

But, why so serious? You can express it in a way that is funny, relaxed and fun, but still romantic. Try to write down your feelings with the idea of ​​playing 52 cards sheets of the following sookie74 account.

The materials and tools that you need:
  • 52 pieces of large size playing cards
  • Plong tool / hole puncher
  • Pita taste
  • Marker
  • Pictures and funny words
  • Paper glue

How to make:
  • Plong each card in the margin, match each card so neatly.
  • For the cover, take one joker card and pasted with the words 52 Reasons I Love (examples in English)
  • You can put your reasons why love on each card. You can be creative se-se-funny and creative as possible by using unique images. Also make sure your cards right in order to better structure.
  • Let the card until it is completely dry.
  • After that you can cut the ribbon and tie all playing cards together to be like a book.
  • You can give it to him later on Valentine's Day or his birthday. This card might make him laugh himself. Well, so who says it is difficult to express the juice? You only need a little bit of creative ideas to represent your heart.
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