Four Million People Infected Zika Virus

"Zika virus" is now being discussed by the citizens of the world. Up to now become a massive worldwide concern. Because the explosive spread of the virus, and it is estimated there will be about four million people infected over the next few years.

Disease control and prevention center has said that the outbreak in the United States are taken from the mosquito has spread in parts of Central and South American region. In Brazil, the virus has been associated with several thousand cases 'microcephaly', a rare birth defect that causes the skull and brain shrinkage babies (toddlers).

Described by a doctor Arnold Monto, Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, whose work focuses on the causes and prevention of infectious diseases in industrialized countries and developing, that "Virus Zika" is estimated to have reached Asia from the African continent at least 50 years ago. And this, according to him, is not a new virus. It has been known for 25 or 30 years but never really spread so far.

Four Million People Infected Zika Virus

The possibility that this virus causes a surge in cases of 'microcephaly' since its first deployment in the country of Brazil. In fact, 'microcephaly' is a rare case previously.

And, it also has many other causes including infection, the fetus with rubella (German measles, red), 'cytomegalovirus' or 'toxoplasmosis' (a disease of the cat-litter, red), poisoning of the fetus by alcohol, mercury or radiation, as well as severe malnutrition for a mother and the onset of diabetes.

It is also caused by multiple gene mutations, including 'Down syndrome'. Until now, health officials are not paid much attention "Zika virus". The virus is spread in the same area with outbreaks of 'dengue' and 'chikungunya'. When compared with two such infections, "Zika virus" usually milder

Director of WHO. Margaret Chan said that the members of the Executive Board of the World Health Organization, that "We need to get a quick response, high level of concern, because the level of uncertainty."

Previously, "Zika" has been seen as little threat to get into a situation where there is the most recent case is quite alarming to recognize situations 'microcephaly', which has not been recognized previously by WHO.
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