For You, That Heart Was Numb. Be Patient. Coming Soon Only.

You may have been hurt, until your heart numb. Numbness, when you difficult to accept new people who try to come to you. Skeptics in terms of love, affection, and you even fed them clay being alone. Wounds that he may so imprint left in your heart. To the extent that you think if everyone was the same to him.

But, do you know there is always a reason to believe in love you back. There is still no reason to re-organize the liver that are already falling apart.

He left obvious wounds still gaping. But you are more powerful than just a pain in the chest

He ambiguous and leave you without a reason. When you love her in the middle of memuncah and raged. Your heart is instantly shattered, the second you decide to no longer believe in love. But do you realize the actual wound strengthen you? Luka teach means to accept. Accept that sometimes God has other plans for you. Maybe this is God's way of separating with him, which was not destined for you. In the end make you a personal heartbreak tougher. It's just that you have not noticed.

Can you believe he just arrived. He did not offer a lot of things. But reducing lit

Heartbroken make you shut up. When someone tried to approach you, you just stay away. It is true, it is not easy to re-believe in love after you get hurt. You just need a little time to organize the liver. And it does not mean you have to stay away when someone is trying to come to you. Give him, someone who had the opportunity to fill the space in your heart. Not everyone is the same as he ever hurt you. If a relationship with someone is too heavy for you, at least you can make friends with him. Because considering cuts will only make you miserable.

Alone too long is not good for your heart. He also worth opened. He deserves re-learn to trust

Do you feel these things: fear of commitment, always reject each invited to the road, and is skeptical of the opposite sex? This could be a sign of heart that has been too long sealed. You accidentally shut down for fear hurt again. Hey, do you know that the hearts that are too long can sealed lumutan? It is also what makes you so skeptical. Try to open up when someone new is near you.
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