Estimated Companion? Here's How Refusing To Not Hurt

Many say that men and women will never be friends. Therefore, the friendship of two people of different sexes in fact it has the potential to turn into love. Frequency meet and too frequent communication between men and women are able to induce a feeling that more than friends. The vibrations of love could grow unnoticed.

The next problem is if it turns out that love is unrequited. As a friend, refused the love of the people who have been close to us will definitely make the relationship awkward. In fact, if not careful, of a friend can be an enemy simply because love is accomplished.

Well, if you're in a position like not wearing this, we recommend what steps should you take to the friendship was broken and neither you nor your male friends do not have to hurt?

The easiest answer is the first one is: Honest. As mentioned in page, there is nothing more than a bitter pill to swallow bitter honesty, the saying goes. In fact, although bitter, honest will leave after effects better than if you pretend to accept it only for bad reasons. Be honest if you do not like it, and you can not take more than a friend. Convey with good language that does not impress you menyepelehkan sincere feelings to you.

Furthermore, once you reject the love of friends, you do not need to get away. Remain friends as usual. If indeed he's shocked by your decision or suddenly away, it is reasonable. Give him time to compose himself. Maybe a few weeks after that, you can call back.
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